Expanded Offerings at Calibur - X

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Expanded Offerings at Calibur - X

Hello all! My name is AJ, owner of Calibur - X. Until recently, my goal has been to provide quality audio to both independent and corporate broadcasters; from podcasters and YouTube hosts, to iHeart Media, Cumulus Media, and others. Throughout the past few years, I've also begun offering broadcast support to internet radio stations, in hopes that they experience success in the world of private broadcasting. Those interactions are what made me consider expanding the reach of Calibur - X.

I'm excited to finally integrate an online store with options separate from broadcast-exclusive offerings. I hope you find the selection we choose to list on our site interesting and buy-worthy, but if at any time you have suggestions on what you'd like seen listed, please don't hesitate to "contact us."

My hope is that you enjoy your shopping experience here, and allow me to serve you with the same care and passion I have served each of my service clients for years.

Above all, I promise one thing: you are not dealing with a corporate entity who shrugs off a less-than-satisfied buyer, you're dealing with a small group of people who believe that the items listed can, in some meaningful way, impact your quality of living.

For those who have been a client of Calibur - X for years, I thank you for continuing to trust me with some of the more important aspects of your business. To those visiting for the first-time, allow me the opportunity to show you the respect you deserve as a buyer, and help in whatever way I can.

I look forward to building a more expansive relationship moving forward!

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