Order Statistics on Calibur - X

While we promise, and will always provide, a secure way of purchasing through Calibur - X, we understand that you'd like to know, in at least some meaningful detail, a little more about our business.


It seems to be a common question among those choosing which agency or production company to do business with. The more "busy" a company, the better quality of output is expected. Though not always the case, there is some truth to this. From a surface perspective, a busy company has done at least two things well: identified a customer group which would benefit from its selected popularized and/or niche product(s)/service(s), and has achieved at least some success in acquiring and retaining a customer base. However, the retention of a custom does not always define success and, certainly, does not always equate to quality service. Fortunately, we believe we are one of the production companies who have. I have made it my goal to offer a service that is competitively priced and available to consumers of all levels (from a private broadcaster, to a multinational, multi-station conglomerate. With my services, I offer years of radio imaging and programming expertise, coupled with a mindful approach to ensuring each of my clients are satisfied with the end-product.

To answer this question more directly, Calibur - X currently services 45 clients within the continental United States of America, and 3 clients overseas. Our clients are (mainly) involved in media marketing, internet / commercial radio and TV broadcasting, and DJ / podcasting distribution. We average around 20 projects per week, and each production is produced by (1) producer, me. Projects are defined as individual pieces of media which may be acquired for either distribution to other entities or direct utilization as a media asset for broadcasting or interactive presentation.

Average Spent at Calibur - X: